About us

HVHF Logo  (2)nurse_and_patient2.jpgnurse_and_patient2.jpgAt HVHF, we seek to uphold human values and dignity in healthcare and to foster and sustain the healing goals of medicine.

We are a not-for-profit organisation with plans to acquire charitable status.


Our vision 


  • To expose dehumanisation and the corruption of professional values by laws, policies, practices, and structures in healthcare and by developments in biomedicine.
  • To illuminate and explore key issues in healthcare via dialogue, conferences, workshops, articles, collaborations and other resources.

Our aims:

  • To form a network of individuals and organisations that cultivate compassionate
  • To raise awareness of norms, assumptions and practices that threaten or erode human values in healthcare.
  • To offer a forum where professionals, patients, students, academics, spiritual and healthcare leaders, managers and members of the general public can engage in creative conversations and share ideas, projects and ethical concerns.
  • To share and disseminate examples of good practice, relevant training, education, and research.
  • To critically appraise the impact that policy and organisation have on patient-centered practice.
  • To provide hope and inspiration to those who care about flourishing and humanity in healthcare.

Want to get involved? 

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If you have any other questions, get in touch with us at info@humanvaluesinhealthcare.org.

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