Past Conferences and Lectures

Past HVHF hosted conferences include:

  • Immortality, Biology and Computers. 7th May 1996. Professor Zigmond Bauman.
  • Genetic population screening: Problems and Prospects - 8th October 1996. Dr Theresa Marteau and Dr Angus Clarke.
  • Euthanasia. 3rd December 1996. Lord Walton of Detchant TD.
  • Lessons from Nazism: nursing then and now. 21st March 1998.  Professor Hilde Steppe, and Professor Kath Melia.
  • Asylum seekers and “illegal immigrants”: professional values and legal boundaries. 2nd December 1998.  Sir David Ramsbotham [HM Chief inspector of prisons], Dr Jill Hinchlewood, [Medical Foundation for victims of torture] and others.
  • Patient confidentiality: an outmoded concept in the new IT age? - 8th Dec 1999. Mr Peter Drury, Policy Unit, DOH
  • Medical Education and the promotion of human values. 14th June 2000. Professor Alastair Campbell.
  • Humanitarian disaster relief: intrusion or moral imperative? (In Association with the Open Section of the RSM). 1st October 2001. Professor Donna Dickenson, Dr Jack Piachaud & others.
  • War, Justice and Public Health. 25th June 2003.  Professor Richard Norman. Dr Carolyn Stephens.
  • Body parts for sale. The ethics of live organ donation, infertility treatment and embryo research. 23rd April 2004. Imperial College London.
  • Exploiting the Dead? The use of human cadavers for research, teaching and spare parts. April 22nd 2005. Imperial College London.
  • Designing Human Life. 30th March 2006. Imperial College London.
  • Compassion in Healthcare. November 2012With the Open Section,  Royal Society of Medicine.
  • Civilisations, Atrocities and the Nazis, Dr Paquita de Zulueta, Royal Society of Medicine, December 2014